Welcome to my BizTalk, ESB, SOA and CLOUD related blog. I’ll be using this blog to share (and keep) things I find worth knowing. Much will be about BizTalk and ESB, but as time tends to go, I expect it might move up to the SOA and Cloud computing level soon enough, anywhere the technology brings us.

The name? Well maybe you could say it relates software elements with fantasy and fairy tale. Maybe those nice 3 letter acronym are we use, seem just that. Something that is too good to be true. Hard to achieve and not without peril. Technologies may be compared to dragons, beautiful in a way but hard to conquer. And isn’t it often that when we think we get there, there are clouds rising on the horizon? A Bug? Or worse: A Flaw! Which will be followed by the hunt for more technology, bright and shining? Perhaps another 3 letter word?

In short, my stories on this blog will follow my adventures in a fantasy way. On good days, there can be amazing stories of wonder. When things are down, there will be dark stories of problems. And, of course, I promise now that the days when nothing is notable that will pass like they never happened