Friday I uploaded a new update in microsoft update. It was a 365 MB Update called the “Security Update for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 (KB971092)”. Turns out this is an update of another update that was released a week earlier (see this blog also)

If you are using BizTalk 2009 you will probably experience the same issue as me. After installing it, you cannot create BizTalk projects anymore. You will get the very discriptive text “Project Creation Failed” in your status bar. In the eventlog you will find that the template is not installed.

The solution? Just load the BizTalk CD or ISO to your PC and choose ‘Repair’. After that you can create the projects again.


Not really a patch, but an easier way to solve this was published on the biztalk customer response team blog. Apparently you only need to change a little thing in the registry. Get the full text at this link

We could get the project system to work by repair installing Biztalk but that doesn’t seem like a solution.  Further debugging revealed that the following registry setting was modified by a VS update.


“PossibleProjectExtensions”=”csproj”   – Original VS install reg value. “PossibleProjectExtensions”=”csproj;btproj” – Post Biztalk installation reg value

The following is the entry for the 64 bit version of VS: