Today I wanted to use a simple XPATH function in my orchestrationto find the maximum value of a sequence number in a set of nodes. So I booted up XMLSpy and loaded the xml schema. Simple problem, simple solution:


Wrong.. biztalk does not support xpath 2.0. Even worse, I cannot even program a helper function since .NET 3.5 does not support XPATH 2.0. This was kind of hard to verify since msdn states something different.

Since my records are ordered, luckily I could also pick the last record. Which resulted in the uglier xpath statement:


That the actual statement was a lot longer since it had namespaces and some subnodes. And I really don’t see how I could do this in xpath when the records were not sorted.

This post in microsoft connect I found acknowledges that xpath 2.0 is still not supported in .Net framework 3.5

I hope they will manage to fit support in framework version 4.0